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August 10, 2015 at 10:44AM

Renovation- Part Un

So we bought a new house in October.

We loved our house but with a growing family it no longer suited our needs. We needed a house that had at least two rooms on the same floor as ours.

At first we wanted to build again, but with the rising cost of land and all the headaches of getting services to said land, the cost became prohibitive for a house that basically just had a different layout to our existing one. The cost of building has risen significantly since we last built in 2005 mainly due to HST. That said, houses in our city only increase at about 4% per year. Comparatively, the cost of building 8 years later simply does not line up to that increase whatsoever. No go on the new build.

After an exhaustive search (we went through over 50 houses), we finally found a house that would work. Definitely the worst house in the best neighbourhood- also the one that required the most work:

  • Built in 1977
  • Only one owner
  • Basically an estate sale
  • No major renovations since it was built.

It certainly had some interesting design features as well. It was definitely ahead of its time and featured things like double vanity sinks, separate tubs and shower, walk in closets, etc. – it just needed a major facelift update revival.

Demo is now in full swing and will post some pictures of the house now that it is down to the studs.

Beri Uqam Counter Strike Level

Wow. Article here. Loving the youtube comments: “Je ne comprend pas pourquoi la STM pète un plomb…” If this guy puts in working bus transfer machines, I will pète un plomb.

Baby girl laughs uncontrollably

Top 12 Cat Photos of 2012

2012 was a great year for cats and lists. I present to you, the top cat photos of 2012.

12. “Dinner time”


11. “The Cantom Menace”


10. “Soundcloud Cat”


9. “Cat vs. Ninjas”


8. “Lenin Cat”


7. “Stop enjoying things”



6. “Break it up” Feat. Dog



5. “Ironman/ Lemon Cat hybrid”


4. “Redbull Cat Sets World Record”


3. “Lazer eyes cat attack”


2. “Nyan Cat”


1. “Where’s the Party At?”


Uninterested pug is uninterested

Ok, so Pugmas only lasted two days before I lost interest. Here is the consolation. The representative crest for the internet should have Pugs and kittens.

12 Days of Pugmas- Day 2



12 days of Pugmas starts today- Day 1


Depending on how I feel, Pugmas may or may not be observed over Christmas. Deal with it.

I love you Canada pt. 2

I love you Canada

IKEA Monkey